Urmul Jyoti Sansthan
Legal Status
URMUL JYOTI Sansthan is a registered society registered under Rajasthan societies Act.1958, No: 187- Bikaner, 13th Feb 1996. Also registered with the income tax under 12AA and 80-G. We are registered under foreign fund contribution Registration Act, FCRA No - 125480007 4th Feb.2000
Welcome to Urmul Jyoti Sansthan
Based upon our learning and experience, we believe the word "development" is just another tool for exploitation in the hands of the socially and economically advantaged class unless it is participatory in nature. We see development as a continuous and complex process that empowers people and communities to fight adversities, take control of their future and fulfill their potential. People want to, and have a right to, decide their priorities in life. Hence, forcing ready-made solutions for social problems will not work. Participation of a community in the process of their own development is necessary to bring about lasting and sustainable change.
Towards building a better rural India...
  • Be a partner in changing rural India for better
  • Rs10000 for sponsoring a poor girl to our Balika shivir(7 months long Residential Education camp)
  • Just Rs1500 can restore vision to a person unnecessarily blind due to cataract or glaucoma, at our Jyoti Hospital.
  • We ensure that your contribution reaches to the neediest.
...small things do matter

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Punjab National Bank, Branch: Nokha, Bikaner, Rajasthan
Account number: 3600000100048457 (local funding),3600000100056304(FCRA)
Views and News

In Jyoti Eye Hospital per month avarage eye OPD is 80 and per month cataract IOL surgeries are more then 350.

Doordarsan started India Inovets ( Pahal). In this programme our work for good goverance using RTI and work for goveranment system improvement broadcasting as 1st apisod on 26th January 2012. This was 22 minits good documentry for advocacy work learning. As per Jaipur Doordarsan now this will also broadcasting on National Chenal.

Our current adolescent girls education camp is completing on 24th August 2011. In this camp total 116 girls including two blind girls learn read and write with secuss